Liberty University Petitions Supreme Court

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October 12  |  Headlines  |   david

Liberty University has petitioned the US Supreme Court to review the case it brought seeking to invalidate the individual mandate and the large employer assessment provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  The District Court upheld the provisions.  On appeal, the Fourth Circuit vacated the judgment holding that the Anti-Injunction Act strips the court of jurisdiction since those provisions of the act are not yet in effect.

This is the fourth petition regarding the PPACA to reach the Supreme Court.  The Eleventh Circuit has struck down the individual mandate.  The Department of Justice, as well as 26 states, has sought review of that decision.  The Sixth Circuit upheld the law.  The Third Circuit dismissed a lawsuit brought by a physician organization for lack of standing.

It is becoming increasingly likely the Supreme Court will grant the requests and hear the cases this term.

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