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American Bar Association Opposes National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bills

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July 20  |  Headlines  |   david

The American Bar Association opposes HR 38 and S 446 the so-called “concealed carry reciprocity” bills pending in Congress that are being pushed by the NRA. These bills would require all states to allow residents of other states to carry within their borders if those carrying meet the requirements to carry in their state of residence.  As of last year, 11 states had no permit requirements at all and this year NRA-backed bills were introduced in 16 other state legislatures to do away with all permit requirements.

Most federal public safety legislation sets minimum standards which states must follow. HR 38 and S 446 would do the opposite.  They would prohibit states from adopting concealed carry laws that those states think would best provide for public safety within their borders.  No permit requirement would become the national standing.  The NRA hocks this as “constitution carry” even though the Supreme Court has never held there is a constitutional right to carry in public.

Typically, when the ABA takes a position on bills pending in Congress, appropriate letters would be sent by the ABA’s Director of Governmental Affairs. In this case, the ABA considers HR 38 and S 446 to be so detrimental to public safety that the letters it is sending today were signed by the President of the ABA.

Here are the letters: